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So called Tissue Engineering is of great interest in various fields of research, like drug and substance screening, better understanding of fundamental organ functions and interactions, surgical transplants, personalized medicine or research on disease processes. An especially enormous advantage can be provided for investigations where animal experiments can be reduced or even replaced. Apart from being ethically debatable, such experiments are time consuming, expensive and due to species specificities not always reliable for human applications.
With our vasQchip technology, we therefore provide a platform that replicates organ-specific, human tissue in vitro. It allows the use of human cell material, high throughput testing, individual setting of parameters and continous oberservation. The center of our chips is a curved porous micro-channel presenting a microfludic blood vessel. The natural round shape of this scaffold enables the tissue specific growth and behaviour of the lining endothelium cells. This artificial blood vessel is surrounded by tissue-specific 3D cell cultures, where we currently focus on the blood brain barrier, liver, gut, skin and tumor models. Like that, our vasQchip allows for research on substance or drug transport and performance, on the interplay between blood stream and tissue and also on the interaction between different tissues conntected by their vascularization.


vasQlab - Lush Prize 2017

Vanessa Kappings of the vasQlab team receives the Lush Prize 2017 (Young Researcher). Lush Prize supports animal-free testing in research.



Lush Prize for Vanessa Kappings